The Misery of Hayden Rassmussen: 

Celebrity Former Television Repairman

Unassuming, middle-aged television repairman from before the time of color tv, Hayden Rassmussen - stuck in a monochromatic space all of his own - has somehow been transported a staggering 51 years forward to a full color hi-def modern world.

Seemingly redundant and unsophisticated; his conversation limited to in-home television repair, appropriate footwear, and long-forgotten Australian pop performers of the 60's, he nevertheless manages to tap into the zeitgeist and is catapaulted to national and international celebrity prominence.

Over eight episodes hip'n trendy documentary film-maker Desmond Fairchild tracks his irresistible rise and follows the efforts of renowned physician, author and neurologist Dr Aubrey Hunter-Manning to come to grips with the phenomenon that is Hayden Rassmussen:

How did he get here? Where did he come from? Why does everyone’s underwear always end up in his pocket?

Utilizing patented breakthrough technology Dr Hunter-Manning seeks answers, ultimately uncovering an unexpectedly dark complexity at the heart of the Rassmussen story.

Being There meets Dr Who meets Auto Focus.

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