- A Whole New Transmedia World of Highly Interactive Bogus Actor Instruction

With Peter Pakington  offers the secrets of "The Australian Acting Method Technique©" to aspiring actors everywhere.

Let’s face it, Aussie actors are huge in Hollywood and all over the world. Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, Geoffrey Rush, Nicole KidmanHugh Jackman, Toni Collette, Guy Pearce, Rachel Griffiths, Mel GibsonEric Bana, Anthony Lapaglia, Naomi Watts, Hugo Weaving, Heath Ledger, Portia de RossiSimon Baker, Paul Hogan, Sam Worthington, Rose Byrne, Ryan Kwanten, Alex O’Loughlin, Mia Wasikowska, Joel Edgerton... on it goes.

What is it with these Aussies? Well, the secret is out!

​Offerings On the Website include :

Students work through the exclusive and often surprising elements of "The Australian Acting Method Technique®".

Click on a button and check out how to incorporate an Inner Aussielogue®. Log into the Members Area and learn the secret of bringing instant, terrifying rage to a performance with the sure fire, works-every-time "Mel Gibson Authentic Angry Aussie Trigger®".

Upload and share their efforts for personal evaluation across the full range of The Australian Acting Method Technique© curriculum, including their own attempts to master the Aussie Accent in the "Tawk Lichen Ozzy Accent Reorientation Lab©".

Pete provides a monthly webinar series enabling non-Aussies to get in touch with the unique Dreamtime spiritual essence of the "Sacred Aussie Actor®".

Members are able to subscribe to Witness "Emergency Aussie Re-Education Therpay Interventions®" to celebrity Aussies struggling to hold on to their AAE (Authentic Aussie Essence) in the face of the Hollywood Movie/TV maelstrom.

Of course, at the heart of the program lie the revolutionary acting exercises co-developed by Peter Pakington during his stint as Assistant Head of Drama at Queensland’s prestigious Ipswich College of TAFE. These exercises are now universally known as "The Exercises®". Gain access to the only systematic, comprehensive actor training on the planet to utilize direct contact with Australian native birds and wildlife.

Offerings On Parallel Platforms include:

Discover alternative narrative artifacts to the "official" Pakington  line as an occasionally unflattering classroom story emerges via student pirated video/audio.

Receive pithy personal tweets and voice messages from Pete strategically timed to reinforce recently introduced ActLikeAnAussie concepts. 

Access Emergency AuditionLikeAnAussie© on-the-spot-get-the-job Audition tips from the casting directors  waiting room.  


Participate in person at LIVE events like the Aussie Guide to Action and Stage Combat "Become A Stage Combat Wombat®" certification process.

Key content and principles of the training are given detailed elaboration and discussion via remedial "Hand-Held, Hand-Holding Tutorials for Slow Learners" ie Non-Australians.

Explore a heated, on-going web debate among voices both critical and supportive of Pakington  across a variety of sources - social media, blogs, police records, court and newspaper archives, phone records, U-matic 3/4" tape,  microfiche files... even Myspace.

Accusations range from murmurings of economic opportunism and exploitation, to alleged moral and sexual misconduct, and even...homicide. 

How much drama, glamour, and controversy can a koala bear?

Peter Pakington introduces

Two short pieces of BONUS material...

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