Over the years Americans have sought the advice of a trusted and reliable member of the community. Where everyone: rich and poor; young and old, can find the kind of affordable health care and advice that doesnt cost an arm and a leg.

Americans aren't the sort of people to run off to the doctor for every little thing. We're not wimps and we sure as hell dont need any sort of universal health care. Not when we've got a college educated, professionally accredited member of the health community around like Howard Crenshaw: Conflicted Pharmacist.

Not just an important, college educated, qualified, and professionally accredited member of the medical community, but someone you can confide in and trust.

As the US middle class continues to be voted off its own island, who has the money for health insurance?!!  Increasingly we're forced to decide - take that blood spitting cough or nagging fracture to an emergency clinic, or feed the kids and stave off eviction another month?

Thank goodness there's an alternative. A virtual neighborhood repository of healing, common sense and good advice - Howard Crenshaw: Conflicted Pharmacist.

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