A sampling of web comedy projects in stealth mode...


HOWARD CRENSHAW: CONFLICTED PHARMACIST features the efforts of one seriously unstable individual to provide help and advice in a society that sometimes just doesn't seem to care.

Three rough-cut 4-5 min Episodes and assorted bonus material. involves the development of an entire interactive website master-minded by guru Australian acting coach Peter Pakington. Students are invited to learn the secrets of the Australian Acting Method Technique© that have enabled the actors from down-under to end up on top.

One pilot Epsode and assorted bonus material.

THE MISERY OF HAYDEN RASSMUSSEN: CELEBRITY FORMER TELEVISION REPAIRMAN chronicles the perplexing case of the meteoric rise to fame of a seemingly hapless nobody mysteriously transported a whopping 51 years forward to the present day. His impact on a self-absorbed, media obsessed society is both puzzling and telling.

One brief sizzle-teaser of this SFX intensive project.

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